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Special INSIGHT Report: Kargman Associates

A special report based on airline restructuring, turnaround and recovery.

This special INSIGHT programme could not be more timely as it focuses on the issue of airline restructuring with a special emphasis on African carriers.

Of course all over the world airlines are feeling the pain as the Covid-19 virus bites and the revenues and reserves simply dry up.
In the programme, one of the leading restructuring global experts; Steven Kargman, president of Kargman Associates -shares his thoughts on the particular challenges facing the airline industry and looks at the special issues that will greatly affect Africa.
Kargman’s firm deals in complex and challenging international restructuring, cross border insolvency, distressed debt and non-performing loan situations.
Kargman himself  was an editor of the Yale Law Journal, a Henry Luce scholar in Singapore; adjunct professor at the Washington College of Law in Washington DC; a professor at China’s first law school in Shenzhen, and now specialises in the developing world working with national governments, major companies and the World Bank.
In this 20 minute podcast we look at a number of key points:
1.  What does restructuring/turnaround involve and how does it address the financial and operational challenges facing a company in distress? (2:05)
2.   From a restructuring standpoint, what should be the immediate priority of the airlines at this point when virtually no passenger planes are flying? (4:18)
3.  What are the special restructuring/turnaround challenges for African airlines in particular in this environment? (8:36)
4.  If and when African airlines figure out a way to survive, then what should be their restructuring/turnaround priorities in the next phase of the process? (11:06)
5.  In undertaking restructurings/turnarounds, how can African airlines use this crisis as an opportunity to reposition themselves for new approaches and new technologies? Is there a silver lining? (16:22)
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