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Houthi rebels target Riyadh for missile attack

Posted 23 June 2020 · Add Comment

Saudi Arabia confirmed this morning that it had shot down a surface-to-surface missile (SSM) over the capital Riyadh, launched into the Kingdom from Yemen by Houthi rebels.

During the early hours, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a security alert warning "there are media reports of a possible missile or drone that struck a building in Riyadh and at this time, there are no reports of casualties" However the Saudi-led coalition said it shot down a total of three Yemeni Houthi rebel SSMs launched into the Kingdom over Najran Province & Jizan Province this morning and also said it had downed a total of eight drones launched by Houthi rebels.
The majority of these were likely intercepted over the southwest provinces of the Kingdom, though some may have been shot down further within the interior of Saudi Arabia. Reports in the Kingdom suggest the Houthis launched several waves of SSMs and drones - 2 to 4 in total per salvo - into the Kingdom over a period of 8-12 hours on 22-23 June.
Throughout the period of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Houthi rebels had stepped up its attacks particularly affecting the Asir Province and the Najran Province. Individual suspected SSMs launched from Yemen by the Houthis also impacted some rural areas of southwest Saudi Arabia’s Jizan Province.
EASA has advised European operators against conducting civil aviation flight activity within the southwest provinces of Saudi Arabia.
Security and intelligence analysts Osprey said today that the majority of Houthi rebel SSM launches into the Kingdom and associated intercepts - along with drone attacks/downings - occur over the southwest provinces in the SCATANA area along the border with Yemen. However, it warned that Houthi rebels possess missile and/or drone technology capable of targeting locations within 932 miles (1,500km) from the border with Yemen, to include sites located within Saudi Arabia along the Arabian Gulf, such as Dammam or Shaybah, as well as the UAE.


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