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Dynamic way to clear the training backlog

Posted 13 November 2020

One problem facing everyone as coronavirus restrictions are lifted is operational currency for all aircrew – keeping vital skills up-to-date.

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On-The-Job learning a big plus for GCAS students

Posted 12 November 2020

Set on the apron of Al Bateen Executive Airport in Abu Dhabi, the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS) offers a portfolio of more than 300 courses.

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MROs: What will be the new normal?

Posted 11 November 2020

A ‘new normal’ for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is inevitable in the aftermath of Covid-19, but what exactly does that mean?

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University challenge to grow the aviation industry

Posted 10 November 2020

The University of South Wales (USW) Dubai offers recognised British bachelor and masters courses in aerospace engineering, and multi-accredited postgraduate courses in aerospace engineering, business and management, and cyber

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Spatial uses pandemic to catch up on orders

Posted 5 November 2020

Cabin crew training simulator manufacturer, Spatial, has been busy working through the Covid-19 pandemic with its ‘large’ order backlog.

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Crews control for Alpha's cadets...

Posted 4 November 2020

Launched in 2008, Alpha Aviation Group is one of the largest and most-recognised providers of multi-crew pilot licences (MPLs) in the world.

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Schools maintain Jordan's three spirit

Posted 3 November 2020

Flight-training is well established in Jordan with three schools for potential aviation professionals – the Royal Jordanian Air Academy (RJAA), Jordan Airline Training & Simulation (JATS), and MidEast Aviation Academy.

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Wide-ranging return for L3Harris

Posted 2 November 2020

For a huge company like L3Harris with so many areas of business, picking up when Covid-19 restrictions ease will be complicated.

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GAA’s decade of success… with much more to come

Posted 30 October 2020

Originally part of Gulf Air, when Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) launched as an independent aviation training facility in 2010, it became the first European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved training organisation (ATO) outside

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Pioneer keeps ESAT and AFA on the cutting edge

Posted 27 October 2020

Tunisia’s high-level training institutes are constantly updating their programmes to adjust to the growing need of the aeronautics sector.

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Extra simulator set to ease pressure on PSAA

Posted 26 October 2020

The Prince Sultan Aviation Academy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, evolved from the Saudia Pilot Training Institute, which opened in 1959.

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How outsourcing can help save the air transport sector

Posted 25 October 2020

Peter Mohring, Managing Director of Transport, Serco Middle East, explores why it has never been timelier for the air transport sector to embrace outsourcing to help with post pandemic recovery.

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Big ambitions for Saudi’s Tayaran

Posted 23 October 2020

It’s a little over a year since the National Aviation Academy of Saudi Arabia, also known as Tayaran, had its inauguration at its King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) HQ.

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Good pilot prospects on the Horizon

Posted 22 October 2020

Part of the Edge group, Horizon is the region’s largest independent helicopter flight-training academy.

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Industry sees the light on protection

Posted 21 October 2020

Technology has a key part to play in the airline industry’s fight to win passengers back in a post Covid-19 environment.

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Rabigh Wings to reopen with improvements to virtual capabilities

Posted 20 October 2020

Saudi Arabia's Rabigh Wings expecting to reopen and be fully operational.

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OxfordSaudia links up with US university

Posted 15 October 2020

OxfordSaudia Flight Academy has launched an initiative for its pilot graduates to go on to a degree course with the renowned Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the US.

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EgyptAir ready to restart with new simulators

Posted 12 October 2020

EgyptAir Training Academy is poised to restart training and has been busy with brand new full-flight simulators.

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Big changes on the way in the post-Covid world

Posted 9 October 2020

As the airline industry begins to emerge from its Covid-19 hibernation, airports are going to be very different places for the foreseeable future.

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EAT so hungry for success

Posted 6 October 2020

In 2014, Etihad Airways purchased the fixed-wing section of Horizon Flight Academy and, after re-launching and rebranding, Etihad Aviation Training (EAT) became the first European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved training organisation (ATO) in the UAE.

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MROs focus on the engineers of tomorrow

Posted 1 October 2020

The worldwide shortage of aircraft engineers and technicians is still apparent, despite the reduction of flight hours during the pandemic.

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Opening the door to the future

Posted 29 September 2020

Two years after it first opened, Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) at Dubai South is looking forward to reopening when given the go-ahead.

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A healthy outlook

Posted 28 September 2020

Business aviation is beginning to recover from the carnage caused by Covid-19.

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Defence battles on

Posted 25 September 2020

Military aviation in the MENA area has not been entirely unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Phantom wing finally re-equipped with F-16s

Posted 23 July 2020

Egyptian and US military officers gathered at the formal re-opening of the fighter brigade at Cairo West Airport, which now operates the Block 52 F-16C/D.

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Propelling aircraft into the green age

Posted 20 July 2020

Rolls-Royce is developing amazing new engine technology to help make aviation greener and more efficient for the future. Steve Nichols has been finding out more.

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Egyptian fighters demonstrate buddy refuelling capabilities

Posted 16 July 2020

Egyptian Air Force Dassault Rafale and MIG-29M/M2 fighter aircraft conducted buddy-buddy aerial refuelling during the recent Qader-2020 military exercise.

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Medevac ‘first’ for HondaJet

Posted 13 July 2020

What are the important considerations for an aircraft configured for medevac or air ambulance operations? Speed, certainly, but also a quiet cabin to reduce fatigue for both patient and medical staff – and that’s a key advantage of the innovative HondaJet’s

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Why a holiday company took a trip into the unknown

Posted 9 July 2020

Jordan has always been a tough location in which to operate. One young airline fighting to make its mark in the local market is Fly Jordan Airlines.

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MRO faces up to the ‘perfect storm’

Posted 3 July 2020

The MRO industry is braced for major fall-out from the global pandemic crisis. Will independents be able to weather this perfect storm? Chuck Grieve searches for answers.

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First Saudi F-15SR conversion flies

Posted 30 June 2020

Alsalam Aerospace Industries (AAI) has completed the first in-country conversion of an F-15S (Saudi) aircraft to F-15SA (Saudi advanced) standard, writes Jon Lake.

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Saudi investment company making the sparks fly

Posted 26 June 2020

A Saudi investment company is backing one of the new crop of electric aircraft designs aimed at bringing pollution-free flight to the public.

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Weighed down under the weight of restructuring

Posted 24 June 2020

Three years after taking on the top job at Tunisair, Ilyes Mnakbi tells Martin Rivers the flag-carrier is still struggling to turn the corner.

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A new lounge… but no time to relax for Premium Plaza boss

Posted 19 June 2020

The latest Premium Plaza Lounge opened in Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 in January. The 1,260sqm facility is the third in the UAE, joining two at Abu Dhabi International.

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Leading Edge

Posted 17 June 2020

Since its launch in November last year, advanced defence technology group, Edge, has maintained a high profile. A major sponsor at the Dubai Airshow, the group has taken part in a number of defence, aviation and recruitment events in the region. Jill Stockbridge spoke to CEO and

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Going to ground in Turkey

Posted 15 June 2020

Universal Aviation, the ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation, has expanded its network in Turkey. Dave Calderwood reports.

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BLOG: Flying without wings

Posted 15 June 2020

Dubai-based A320 pilot Tom Peaford looks at the changing world for airline pilots and manages expectations.

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Silver lining shines through the fog of war

Posted 12 June 2020

Like all Libyan carriers, Afriqiyah Airways is in a seemingly endless fight for survival. But chairman, Mustafa Maatug, tells Martin Rivers he’s full of hope for the future.

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Massive boost for Moroccan armed forces

Posted 11 June 2020

Morocco’s 2020 finance bill will increase in the kingdom’s national defense budget by 29% in 2020, allocating 45.438 billion Moroccan Dirham (MAD) (US $4.728 billion).

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Mind the gap… stark warning as next-gen talent goes missing

Posted 9 June 2020

Noureddine Mouaddib, founder and president of Rabat International University, made an appeal to tackle challenges regarding human resource development in aviation at a conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. Vincent Chappard

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A brand new way forward for FlyEgypt

Posted 8 June 2020

New domestic services, new branding and – hopefully – new aircraft will make this a significant year for FlyEgypt, its CEO tells Alan Dron.

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Access points...

Posted 5 June 2020

Engineering access equipment is the basic, yet essential, ingredient of any MRO operation. Though much of it is low tech, these pieces of equipment are anything but out of date in their conception and specification. Chuck Grieve reports.

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Why bigger may not be better

Posted 4 June 2020

The future for air transport? Perhaps a very different format from today’s that will require joined-up thinking from politicians, airports and airlines, suggests Dubai Airports’ CEO, Paul Griffiths. Alan Dron reports.

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Muhiddin's taste for the big AMAC

Posted 3 June 2020

Swiss-based AMAC Aerospace is bolstering its presence in the MENA region. Vincent Chappard talked to group executive chairman and CEO, Kadri Muhiddin, to find out more.

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How Yemenia flies in the face of war

Posted 2 June 2020

For four years, Yemen Airways has attempted to keep services running during the country’s civil war. The company’s chairman, Ahmed Masood Alwani, explains how.

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Heroes of zero cook up a recipe to reduce waste

Posted 1 June 2020

Zero waste is a philosophy that’s encouraging people to recycle and re-use. Airlines in the Middle East have taken initiatives to slash waste and the use of plastic on board aircraft. Anuradha Deenapanray and Vincent Chappard report.

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$9.9 million pod spares for Saudi Arabia

Posted 29 May 2020

The US Defense Department has announced the award of a $9.9 million foreign military sales (FMS) contract to Collins Aerospace – a subsidiary of the United Technologies Corporation – for the “purchase of a necessary additional quantity” of parts

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Awakening the digital sleepers

Posted 27 May 2020

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is more important now than ever as complexity in products and processes skyrockets and digitalisation becomes the norm. Chuck Grieve looks at some approaches to this challenge.

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Longitude in a world of its own

Posted 26 May 2020

Textron Aviation has started deliveries of its long-awaited Cessna Longitude business jet, writes Dave Calderwood.

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A game of high spy - with Project Dolphin

Posted 22 May 2020

The UAE has been quietly overhauling and improving its intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities for some years. Jon Lake looks at the latest situation.

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A huge new lease of life for DAE

Posted 21 May 2020

Dubai-based lessor, DAE, has almost doubled the value of its portfolio of managed aircraft, following a deal with a major financial institution. Alan Dron reports.

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Swiss roll out PC12 revamp

Posted 20 May 2020

Swiss manufacturer, Pilatus Aircraft, has revealed a thoroughly updated version of its long-running single-engine turboprop with the third-generation PC-12 NGX recently announced. Dave Calderwood reports.

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Aussies pitch in to fight the terror threat

Posted 19 May 2020

Australia has been heavily involved in combatting the recent terrorist threats in the Middle East. Dave Oliver has been finding out more.

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Kuwait at the crossroads

Posted 18 May 2020

Kuwait Airways is undergoing a second major wave of aircraft replacements and looking at ways to handle its increasing passenger numbers. Alan Dron reports.

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Reducing risk brings its rewards for Bakr

Posted 15 May 2020

International SOS company, MedAire, which specialises in medical and travel security services to aviation and maritime clients, recently appointed Hany Bakr to the newly created role of security director for Europe, Middle East & Africa

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When your face is your passport to faster travel

Posted 13 May 2020

Passports and other documentation are set to become things of the past for Emirates Airline passengers travelling between Dubai and the US, with the arrival of biometric boarding systems. Alan Dron reports.

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The SKY’s the limit for Carthage's planned FBO

Posted 12 May 2020

Montasser Channoufi, founder and CEO of Carthage SKY Services, plans to launch a fixed-base operation in Tunisia this year. He told Vincent Chappard that the high-standard services provided will serve the country’s growing business

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Tactical Texans fit Tunisia to a T

Posted 11 May 2020

The US State Department has approved a possible $234 million foreign military sale (FMS) of 12 Textron Aviation Beechcraft T-6C Texan II trainers to Tunisia. Jon Lake reports.

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Thales unveils “game-changing” flight management system

Posted 7 May 2020

Thales has unveiled its new PureFlyt flight management system (FMS), which will be available from 2024 and promises enhanced safety and efficiency in the cockpit. Steve Nichols reports.

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‘Perfect storm’ clouds the engine aftermarket

Posted 6 May 2020

The engine aftermarket is proving to be a moveable feast as numerous factors – some predictable, others not – converge. Chuck Grieve reports.

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World-class start-up gives UAE nationals the Edge...

Posted 5 May 2020

Edge, a new UAE-based defence and technology company, launched in Abu Dhabi on November 5 with a suitably explosive, high-tech and high-profile reveal. Jill Stockbridge reports.

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Progressive Jaz...

Posted 4 May 2020

Kuwaiti hybrid carrier, Jazeera Airways, foresees a list of potential new long-haul destinations in the coming years as it takes delivery of Airbus A320neos. Alan Dron found out more from CEO, Rohit Ramachandran.

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Expansion programme takes Qatar to a HIA level

Posted 1 May 2020

Qatar’s Hamad International Airport has unveiled plans for its Phase II expansion programme, designed to boost the airport’s capacity to more than 50 million passengers annually. Alan Dron reports.

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Game-changing 525 rising above the early tragedy

Posted 30 April 2020

Seven years after Bell Helicopter announced it was developing a brand new, clean-sheet design ‘super medium’ twin-engine helicopter, complete with a sophisticated fly-by-wire system, the company is now sparing no effort to get the 525

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Eclectic G700 heads for Qatar

Posted 29 April 2020

Qatar Executive was named launch customer as Gulfstream Aerospace unveiled its new flagship private jet, the G700, calling it “the most spacious, best-performing aircraft in the business-jet industry”. Dave Calderwood reports.

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New aircraft… now the race is on to train enough people

Posted 28 April 2020

Alan Warnes looks at air forces throughout the Middle East and explains why personnel training has now become an urgent priority for many of them.

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Jonaid's private thoughts

Posted 27 April 2020

SaudiGulf Airlines chief executive, Abdulmohsen Jonaid, tells Martin Rivers that the boutique carrier is laying the foundations for a bigger, brighter future.

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The A to Z of Tunisia's rapid rise in aerospace

Posted 24 April 2020

Over the past decade, Tunisia has continued to build a solid, recognised and sustainable aeronautical industry. The leaders of the Tunisian Aeronautics and Space Industries Group – GITAS – have been explaining to Vincent Chappard some of

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SAMI in $5 billion MRO venture

Posted 23 April 2020

Saudi Arabia is to fund a new aircraft repairing and maintaining facility at an abandoned air base in Bangladesh. Jon Lake reports.

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Window on infinity

Posted 22 April 2020

An extraordinary interior, combining Italian design flair and Swiss completion, has raised the bar for VVIP aircraft and prompted Chuck Grieve to ask: “Is anything now possible?”

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Ka sets the pace for connectivity revolution

Posted 21 April 2020

Inmarsat is planning the expansion of its GX Aviation Ka-band in-flight connectivity service with a raft of new satellites. Steve Nichols reports.

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Spares one click away

Posted 16 April 2020

The way spares and replacements are located and procured has been transformed by digital technology, with online marketplaces making life easier for buyers and suppliers, writes Chuck Grieve.

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How to build the perfect pricing plan

Posted 15 April 2020

How can airlines balance economic and operational realities with the need to offer attractive fares to each customer on every service? Last November Harald Eisenaecher, chief commercial officer at Infare, suggested some key strategies.

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Why older means new business for VD Gulf

Posted 14 April 2020

Older airliners are staying in service longer than anticipated, which, as Alan Dron reports, is good news for maintenance companies such as Sharjah-based VD Gulf.

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The smart Phoon

Posted 9 April 2020

Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft for Kuwait and Qatar will incorporate an advanced active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar that is claimed to be the most advanced in the world. Jon Lake reports.

in Maintenance / Features

Speed merchants

Posted 8 April 2020

Few scenarios are more time-sensitive than aircraft on the ground (AOG) situations, and it has given rise to ultra-fast delivery of spares. Chuck Grieve looks at how leading players meet the demand.

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New squadron is Rafale prize for Qatar

Posted 7 April 2020

The Qatar Emiri Air Force has now received three batches of Dassault Rafales, totalling 15 aircraft, and the first squadron is working up at the new Tamim Air Base at Dukhan in western Qatar. Jon Lake reports.

in Training / Features

Wings in full swing

Posted 6 April 2020

Saudi Arabia’s first aviation academy – Rabigh Wings – sees a bright future for aviation in the kingdom from both private to professional pilots, and is upgrading its fleet. Dave Calderwood found out more from general manager, Willem Marais.

in Defence / Features

Jordan aims to balance books with aircraft sale

Posted 3 April 2020

Jordan is holding something of a super sale of military aircraft that are surplus to its current requirements. David Oliver reports.

in Defence / Features

Pillar Hawk

Posted 31 March 2020

Locally-assembled BAE Hawks have become the first new Saudi-built fast jet aircraft to fly in home skies, marking a significant step forward for the kingdom’s aerospace industry. Jon Lake reports.

in Features / Airports

Moroccan airports on course to hit new heights

Posted 26 March 2020

As part of its srategy to increase international and regional capacity, The Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) has carried out major infrastructure projects, including the extension of Terminal 1 at Casablanca International Airport and

in Defence / Features

Saudi refines security after drone attacks

Posted 25 March 2020

Saudi Arabia’s northern oil refinery in Abqaiq and the Khurais oil field were the subject of a dramatic drone attack on September 14. Alan Warnes reports.

in Features

Why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 24 March 2020

As we face a wall of blanket travel bans, why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis, by By Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner plc.

in Air Transport / Features

Gulf Air makes the French connection

Posted 23 March 2020

Gulf Air is increasingly looking towards France as it continues a modernisation process. Steve Nichols reports.

in Defence / Features

Libya’s deadly game of drones

Posted 19 March 2020

The war in Libya has international backers on opposing sides supporting their own interests. In the first conflict where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are making up the bulk of the air operations, both sides have successfully attacked opposition aircraft.

in Business Aviation / Features

Talent supply chain the key to future sustainability

Posted 16 March 2020

Industry leaders converged on Morocco for the Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) conference and show at Marrakech Menara Airport in late September. Vincent Chappard was there.

in Defence / Features

Dawn of the Red Sky

Posted 13 March 2020

Major ideology differences with Iran, simmering tension with Turkey in Libya, ongoing war in Yemen, disagreements between Qatar and other GCC members, and the ongoing fight against terrorism, means tension is never far away in the MENA region. Now a new private consortium

in Air Transport / Features

MAX impact

Posted 12 March 2020

Low-cost carrier, Flydubai, looks to the future as it operates against the backdrop of the grounding of the Boeing 737MAX. Alan Dron reports.

in Aircraft Interiors / Features

Saudi Arabia presses ahead with A2G connectivity

Posted 11 March 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to release more details about its air-to-ground (A2G) in-flight connectivity roll-out before the end of the year, following on from an initial pilot project that was announced in October 2018.

in Maintenance / Features

Joramco maintains its drive into Europe

Posted 10 March 2020

Joramco is going places. Its transformation from a regional maintenance, repair and overhaul operation to a global player with world-class standards – a work in progress – shows what’s possible with the right vision, strategy and approach. Chief

in Training / Features

Partnership moves PSAA into a different class

Posted 9 March 2020

One of Saudi Arabia’s biggest aviation training establishments has taken a significant step forward in its development by becoming an IATA regional training partner. Alan Dron reports.

in Features / Airports

Neom rises from the sands to tempt holidaymakers

Posted 6 March 2020

Saudi Arabia’s ‘vision 2030’ plan for the country’s future development is contributing to the growth of new airports, such as Neom Bay. Alan Dron reports.

in General Aviation / Features

Check mates

Posted 5 March 2020

The international airports in the Middle East are some of the busiest in the world. They are also equipped with the most sophisticated navigation aids that have to remain operational 24/7 – but they also need to be totally accurate. David Oliver finds out more.

in Business Aviation / Features

Dubai's aerospace hub starts to make some noise

Posted 4 March 2020

A change of thinking on the future development of Dubai World Central, the intended world hub for aviation, has stepped up interest in the aviation district – now renamed the Mohammad bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. Dave Calderwood reports.

in Defence / Features

Saudi light transport plans still in the dark

Posted 3 March 2020

The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) plans for a new light transport aircraft are still very much up in the air. Jon Lake looks at the issues.

in Air Transport / Features

Maroc climbing

Posted 2 March 2020

Abdelhamid Addou, Royal Air Maroc chairman and CEO, wants to accelerate the national airline’s development to turn it into a continental leader. Vincent Chappard reports.

in Training / Features

Teching a step forward

Posted 28 February 2020

A fast-growing Saudi aerospace company has teamed up with a German maintenance specialist to create a school for aviation technicians. Alan Dron reports.

in Features / Airports

Hamad's smart way to become the airport of the future

Posted 27 February 2020

Doha’s Hamad International Airport is pressing ahead with initiatives to improve its services – including a project that transforms a passenger’s face into their identity card through the facility. Alan Dron reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

Airbus targets corporate jets neo boost in the region

Posted 24 February 2020

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) is looking for an upsurge in sales, especially the Middle East, as its new engine option (neo) aircraft – particularly the ACJ320neo family – start to enter into service. Dave Calderwood reports.

in Defence / Features

Hercules still has the power

Posted 13 February 2020 · 1 Comment

Deserts, war and the vastness of many countries in the Middle East and north Africa, ensure there will always be a need for military tactical airlifters. Alan Warnes has been looking round the MENA region.

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MROs: What will be the new normal?

A ‘new normal’ for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is inevitable in the aftermath of Covid-19, but what exactly does that mean?

Spatial uses pandemic to catch up on orders

Cabin crew training simulator manufacturer, Spatial, has been busy working through the Covid-19 pandemic with its ‘large’ order backlog.

Opening the door to the future

Two years after it first opened, Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) at Dubai South is looking forward to reopening when given the go-ahead.

Industry sees the light on protection

Technology has a key part to play in the airline industry’s fight to win passengers back in a post Covid-19 environment.

MROs focus on the engineers of tomorrow

The worldwide shortage of aircraft engineers and technicians is still apparent, despite the reduction of flight hours during the pandemic.

GAA’s decade of success… with much more to come

Originally part of Gulf Air, when Gulf Aviation Academy (GAA) launched as an independent aviation training facility in 2010, it became the first European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved training organisation (ATO) outside

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