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Robotics firm targets Middle East

Posted 13 March 2019

Tunisian startup Enova Robotics is the first manufacturer of intelligent robots in Africa and the Maghreb, writes Vincent Chappard.

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Syrian soldiering on

Posted 12 March 2019

Syrian Arab Airlines chief executive, Talal Abdulkarim, talks to Martin Rivers about the flag-carrier’s intolerable challenges, and how Russia could help reverse its fortunes.

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Storm looming over mandatory upgrade

Posted 13 February 2019

A perfect storm of mandatory upgrades and compliance is building on the business jet horizon – and a surprising number of owners and operators remain unaware or unconcerned by its implications.

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Lockheed's blockbusters

Posted 12 February 2019

Lockheed Martin has received a $1.12 billion contract from the US Government to produce 16 new advanced F-16 Block 70 fighters for the Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF). Jon Lake reports.

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AMP fuses the vision of growth and transformation

Posted 11 February 2019

The airport modernisation programme (AMP) currently taking place at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is of such importance that it’s part of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s vision for the country. Dave Calderwood

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Sikorsky's Seahawks on the crest of a Saudi wave

Posted 8 February 2019

The Sikorsky S-70 is increasingly becoming the backbone of Saudi Arabia’s rotary-wing fleet and, as Jon Lake reports, a number of S-70 and UH-60 variants are now spread across several of the kingdom’s military and parapublic air arms.

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Hawks help fill Qatar’s training gap

Posted 7 February 2019

With a massive air force expansion under way, the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF). will need to significantly boost its training system. As Jon Lake reports, BAE Systems hopes that its Hawk will provide the solution to the emerging requirement.

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Avico invests in a Tunisian training academy

Posted 6 February 2019

Avico, one of Europe’s leading charter broker companies, recently took a significant stake in Safe Flight Academy (SFA), Tunisia’s leading training centre for civil aviation and pilots, writes Vincent Chappard.

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Modernised Cobras give RJAF extra bite

Posted 5 February 2019

Jordan is upgrading an initial batch of 12 of its Bell AH-1 Cobras for continued service, extending their useful lives by at least 20 years. Jon Lake reports.

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Hezbollah drone operations celebrated in museum

Posted 4 February 2019

The Mleeta Resistance Tourist Landmark, also called the Mleeta Museum for Resistance Tourism, is widely referred to as the ‘Hezbollah Museum’.

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Diamond’s DART-550 aimed at the bullseye

Posted 30 January 2019

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH has enjoyed great success across the MENA region with its twin-engined DA42 Twin Star. Now, writes Jon Lake, it hopes to repeat this success with its new range of Diamond Aircraft reconnaissance trainer DART)

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Seasprite shows off in Eagle Salute

Posted 29 January 2019

One of Egypt’s veteran Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters made a surprise appearance during Exercise Eagle Salute 18 in August, writes Jon Lake.

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F-5 fleet on red alert for aggressor role

Posted 28 January 2019

Most Middle East countries are beefing up their combat capabilities with new generation fighters as the threat from Russian and Iranian systems is a real concern to them. So, asks Alan Warnes, has the time come for a dedicated aggressor squadron to

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Will CFMI deal change MRO landscape?

Posted 23 January 2019

CFM International has agreed, under pressure from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), to open up the market for third-party parts and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) on its best-selling engines. Chuck Grieve explores the

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Turkish F-35 flies into turbulence

Posted 21 January 2019

Steadily worsening relations between the two countries has seen the US Congress pass legislation temporarily banning deliveries of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II to Turkey. Jon Lake reports.

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First female fighter pilot makes history

Posted 18 January 2019

Pilot Officer Shaikha Aisha bint Rashid Al Khalifa has become the first Bahraini woman to fly a military aircraft in the history of the Royal Bahrain Air Force (RBAF), writes Jon Lake.

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The fight is on to train new Middle East pilots

Posted 17 January 2019

David Oliver looks at the various training needs of the Middle East’s next-generation fighter pilots.

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Home and away, TS&S builds links to the future

Posted 16 January 2019

Abu Dhabi’s TS&S Aerospace is spreading its wings with fresh maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) contracts beyond its home territory. Acting CEO, Mansoor Janahi, talks to Chuck Grieve about what’s driving this expansion.

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Tunisia evolution in full swing

Posted 15 January 2019

Tenders for a feasibility study into a new international airport for Tunis are expected to be launched soon, writes Vincent Chappard.

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The drone rangers

Posted 14 January 2019

The Middle East conflict zones are being used for testing and evaluating UAV and counter-UAV technologies from more than a dozen countries. David Oliver reports

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Sanctions hold up the plan of ATAK

Posted 10 January 2019

The ink was still drying on Turkey’s deal with Pakistan for 30 T129 tactical reconnaissance and attack helicopters (ATAKs) when it appeared US sanctions could jeopardise the sale. Alan Warnes reports.

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UAE set to name its first four astronauts

Posted 8 January 2019

The UAE is gearing up to put the first Emirati astronaut into space. Steve Nichols has been finding out more.

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Electric aircraft: Myth or reality?

Posted 7 January 2019

Jetex is partnering with US start-up, Wright Electric, to revolutionise private jet aviation and support electric aircraft for short-haul flights. Anuradha Deenapanray and Vincent Chappard look at other projects enabling people to envisage flying

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Oman completes Typhoon deliveries

Posted 4 January 2019

The Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) has now received the final pair of Eurofighter Typhoons from BAE Systems, completing the delivery of the batch of 12 tranche 3 aircraft that now equip the re-formed No8 Squadron at Adam Air Base.

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A race against Trump...

Posted 2 January 2019

A last-gasp ferry flight before the United States re-imposed economic sanctions increased Iran Air’s fleet of modern regional aircraft by five machines. But, asks Alan Dron, how are they faring in service?

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Growth drives high-tech boost

Posted 21 December 2018

A major renewal of the technological infrastructure at Saudi Arabia’s airports is under way. Alan Dron reports.

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Another milestone for Aramco fleet

Posted 19 December 2018

Aramco Overseas Company has selected Leonardo Helicopters and Milestone Aviation Group, a subsidiary of aviation leasing specialist GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), to renew its medium helicopter fleet. Jon Lake reports.

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"Daesh as an organisation, is probably the most despicable group I've seen."

Posted 17 December 2018

Group Captain Chas Dickens, OBE, commander of the UK Royal Air Force’s No903 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW), gives a first-hand account of the UK’s combat air operations over Syria and Iraq to Jon Lake.

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Why Etihad turned tail on partnerships

Posted 14 December 2018

Etihad Airways is looking closer to home for growth as it plots a new course following major problems at some of its equity partner airlines. Alan Dron reports.

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Will runway closure awake Dubai’s slumbering giant

Posted 12 December 2018

In May 2019, Dubai International Airport is closing one of its two runways for 45 days. Alan Dron wonders if this will encourage airline customers to try out the under-used Dubai World Central?

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Private - at a price

Posted 11 December 2018

Private aircraft ownership comes with its own set of considerations, all focused on maintaining airworthiness through planned and unplanned events. Chuck Grieve spoke to leading Middle East maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operators for their insights.

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Play it, SAMI

Posted 10 December 2018

A huge new player has emerged in the aerospace defence world. Alan Warnes finds out more.

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Somon cracks the EU code

Posted 7 December 2018

Somon Air and AtlasGlobal are forging deeper ties in a bid to help the Tajik airline grow sustainably. Martin Rivers reports.

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Moon bases could be on the horizon

Posted 6 December 2018

One of the founding fathers of the satellite industry says we can expect to see a lot more innovation in the space sector, including manned colonies on the moon and space stations that could be used as stepping stones for future Mars missions. Steve Nichols

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INA pushes Istanbul on to world stage

Posted 5 December 2018

The opening of one of the world’s largest airports brings a new competitor for the existing Gulf hubs. Alan Dron reports.

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And for my Nexus trick...

Posted 3 December 2018

If you can’t find a suitable partner to provide ground services for your executive jet offering, why not create your own? Continue by opening training academies, start organising airlines… and then set up one yourself. That, as Alan Dron reports, is the remarkable

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Saudi Arabia wound up by Russia's fantastic toys

Posted 30 November 2018

The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) is looking to modernise the operational concepts at its Riyadh-based Air Warfare Centre. Alan Warnes reports.

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Atlas' global map missing a few pages

Posted 29 November 2018

AtlasGlobal is living up to its name by establishing a group of subsidiary airlines spanning the world. But, as Martin Rivers discovers, management already have their hands full dealing with the volatile Turkish market.

in Maintenance / Features

AMAC pioneers MRO mixed model

Posted 28 November 2018

The Turkish Riviera may seem a strange place for a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operation, but AMAC Aerospace is convinced it has found the right strategy to make it pay off. Group executive chairman and CEO, Kadri Muhiddin, spoke to Chuck Grieve.

in Features / Airports

Queen Alia becomes ADP'S jewel in the crown

Posted 27 November 2018

Groupe ADP, through its 100% subsidiary ADP International, has acquired the exclusive control of Airport International Group, which runs Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. Anuradha Deenapanray reports.

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It's a Who's Who of aviation and innovation

Posted 26 November 2018

The Middle East’s top business aviation conference and exhibition returns to Dubai World central (DWC) in December. Dave Calderwood looks forward to the event.

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The Phax of life

Posted 23 November 2018

Tunisian businessman and politician Mohamed Frikha tells Martin Rivers why he is bringing Syphax Airlines back from the dead.

in Defence / Features

Kuwait buzzing as Super Hornet deal is confirmed

Posted 12 November 2018

Kuwait has finally confirmed its long-awaited order for the Boeing Super Hornet, the US Department of Defense has announced. Jon Lake reports.

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Every picture tells a story: Photo reveals Saudi RE-3A revamp

Posted 9 November 2018

One of a pair of Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) RE-3 signals intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft has recently been upgraded. Jon Lake discovers more.

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High Spy. But will the UAE spy-planes be up to the challenge?

Posted 8 November 2018

Are the UAE’s new spy-planes modern enough? Alan Warnes has been finding out.

in Features / People

Every woman can be a high flyer

Posted 7 November 2018

Royal Jordanian pilot Alia Twal has a simple message to pass to young women across the Middle East and Africa: If you are female, want to be a pilot and have the determination, nothing should stop you.

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Enough Eagles have landed for ops to begin

Posted 5 November 2018

The Iraqi Air Force has now received sufficient Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) T-50IQ Golden Eagle advanced trainer/light combat aircraft to start operations with the type.

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Iran continues to return grounded jets to airworthy status

Posted 2 November 2018

It is now 39 years since the revolution that removed the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, from his throne.

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Geo-commerce, technology and the future of cargo aviation

Posted 1 November 2018

In a thought-provoking personal opinion article, Wolfgang Meier, president, Silkway West Airlines, says the outlook for global cargo aviation demand remains strong. However, there are other factors at play.

in Features

Aerospace on a roll in Morocco

Posted 31 October 2018

Morocco’s aeronautical ecosystem continues to grow, integrating new operators and new technologies. Anuradha Deenapanray and Vincent Chappard spoke to Karim Cheikh, the new president of Morocco’s aeronautical and space industries group (GIMAS).

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Kuwait H225 deliveries begin

Posted 29 October 2018

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced the arrival of two Airbus H225 long-range helicopters from France on February 20. Newly trained Kuwaiti pilots flew them on their five-day delivery journey.

in Air Transport / Features

Air Algérie starts to punch its weight again

Posted 25 October 2018

Faced with the opening up of air freight to national private operators as part of the government’s new economic orientation, Air Algérie has taken measures to adapt to the new environment. Anuradha Deenapanray and Vincent Chappard report.

in Features

The Blag Market

Posted 24 October 2018

Could your organisation stop an experienced operative from gaining access to its premises and extracting vital information? As Steve Knight reports, governments and businesses across the Middle East have the chance to find out.

in Defence / Features

Kuwait orders King Air 350 spyplanes

Posted 22 October 2018

The US State Department has approved a possible foreign military sale (FMS) for four Beechcraft King Air 350ER intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft to Kuwait at an estimated cost of $259 million, writes Jon Lake.

in Air Transport / Features

Nouvelair pace of change accelerates

Posted 19 October 2018

Nouvelair, a Tunisian private company operating charter and scheduled flights, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2019. Deputy general manager, Chokri Zarrad, shared his ambition for the company with Vincent Chappard.

in Technology / Features

Why the future of air travel must be digital

Posted 18 October 2018

How will the aviation industry anticipate and respond to growing numbers of customers with changing habits and expectations? Mohammed Adnane Retmi, head of Orange Applications for Business indirect, Middle East, Africa and Russia IMEAR),

in Defence / Features

Lockheed's jobs plan as part of 2030 vision

Posted 16 October 2018

As Saudi Arabia targets an aerospace and defence manufacturing revolution, Lockheed Martin looks to play its part. Beth Stevenson reports

in Air Transport / Features

Something in the Air at Salam

Posted 15 October 2018

Just a year into its life as one of the Gulf’s newest low-cost carriers, Oman’s SalamAir has plans for major expansions of both its fleet and route network.

in Features / Airports

Honeywell gets smart with NAVITAS system

Posted 12 October 2018

Honeywell used the Airport Show to unveil a new smart airport technology that helps enhance the safety and efficiency of airside operations.

in Defence / Features

Egypt dogged by delays to Wild Wolves progress

Posted 11 October 2018

Jon Lake reveals that it’s good news and bad news for Egypt’s Rafales.

in Features / Airports

Terminal velocity

Posted 10 October 2018

Dubai’s Airport Show has developed into one of the largest events of its kind for the airport industry and, as Mohamed Ali Ahli reports, it is big business as the MENA region continues to spend on infrastructure projects.

in Defence / Features

US deal takes LAF to a new level

Posted 9 October 2018

Having taken delivery of the last four Embraer EMB 313/A-29 Super Tucano light-attack and reconnaissance aircraft, Lebanon has now announced a further $120 million defence aid package from the United States. Jon Lake reports.

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Pegasus clears one hurdle at a time

Posted 5 October 2018

Pegasus Airlines is giving wings to Turkey’s economic recovery after a difficult period for the country. Martin Rivers talked to chief executive, Mehmet Nane, about the opportunities ahead and the obstacles in his way.

in Training / Features

Etihad widens training to external customers

Posted 4 October 2018

With the global airline industry facing an increasingly urgent need for pilots, Etihad Aviation Group has expanded its training organisation and made its services available to external customers for the first time. Alan Dron reports.

in Technology / Features

Data link can boost safety and cut costs

Posted 1 October 2018

Inmarsat’s next-generation SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) service went live in April 2018. But, asks Steve Nichols, what is it and what will it mean for air traffic control?

in Maintenance / Features

Let's Tork about cleaning culture

Posted 28 September 2018

Little things can make a big difference in the MRO shop environment. Chuck Grieve looks into industrial cleaning practices and their impact on personnel and business.

in Features / Airports

Strategic position drives Fujairah growth

Posted 27 September 2018

Fujairah, one of the Gulf’s less well-known airports, is improving its facilities as it undergoes a substantial modernisation that will enhance its prospects for years to come. Alan Dron reports.

in Defence / Features

Cobra strikes in the Middle East

Posted 26 September 2018

The United States has approved the potential sale to Bahrain of 12 Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters at an estimated cost of $911.4 million, including spares, support, weapons and training. Jon Lake reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Baby booming…

Posted 24 September 2018

As Saudi low-cost carrier, Flyadeal, approaches its first birthday, it is about to embark on a huge expansion programme, with a major order for new aircraft imminent. Alan Dron reports.

in Training / Features

Qatar trains focus on huge upgrade

Posted 21 September 2018

A major new training establishment is to be built in Qatar, as part of the support structure for the Gulf nation’s forthcoming massive build-up in military aviation assets. Alan Dron reports.

in Technology / Features

Predicting what's next in the tailor-made revolution

Posted 20 September 2018

The fusion of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and in-flight connectivity is changing the way airlines do business. Steve Nichols looks at how cutting-edge technology is changing what you eat, read, and watch on flights,

in Maintenance / Features

Engines power MTU's generation gain

Posted 19 September 2018

MTU Maintenance sees good growth opportunities for MRO in the Middle East. Sami Ben-Kraiem, the company’s vice-president marketing and sales, Middle East and Southeast Asia, talks to Chuck Grieve.

in Features / Airports

Dammam full of Eastern promise

Posted 18 September 2018

Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is being fired into life by ambitious plans for Dammam’s international airport, as Alan Peaford reports.

in Space / Features

Verging on the ultimate passenger experience

Posted 17 September 2018

Virgin Galactic will soon launch its commercial space flights for paying passengers. Although the company says it can’t announce an official launch date until it has completed its current step-by-step test flight programme, it is widely

in Defence / Features

Bahrain's Blockbusters

Posted 14 September 2018

David Oliver looks at how the small Royal Bahraini Air Force is big on using new technology.

in Air Transport / Features

Air Arabia builds a growing pyramid from its Egyptian hubs

Posted 13 September 2018

Air Arabia has stepped up its Egyptian operations as Middle East low-cost carriers continue to grow. Alan Dron finds out more from airline CEO, Adel Ali.

in Flight Services & Support / Features

Health chic

Posted 12 September 2018

The World Travel Catering Exhibition (WTCE) in Hamburg, Germany, was packed with companies offering snacks and drinks to airlines.

in Technology / Features

Innova doing away with the paper round…

Posted 11 September 2018

A major airline says it is saving fuel and trees by using a management software solution developed by Turkish company, Innova. Steve Nichols finds out more.

in Maintenance / Features

Fake parts a real threat

Posted 10 September 2018

Counterfeit parts are a threat to safety, reliability and profitability of operators and MROs alike. Chuck Grieve has been looking at the problem.

in Features / Airports

Al Maktoum International to become a ‘cosmic super-port’

Posted 6 September 2018

Al Maktoum Airport is to be reinvented as an aviation hub that can handle supersonic, hypersonic and even space planes in addition to aircraft. Steve Nichols reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

Luxivair looks good to MENA clients

Posted 5 September 2018

Luxivair SBD, southern California’s premier fixed-based operator (FBO) located at San Bernardino International Airport, is quickly becoming the terminal of choice for private jet passengers from the MENA region.

in Defence / Features

Elevating the LIFT

Posted 3 September 2018

Alan Warnes takes a look at the changes in lead-in fighter training (LIFT) taking place throughout the Middle East.

in Air Transport / Features

Oman and SuperOman

Posted 31 August 2018

Oman Air’s new chief executive, Abdulaziz Al Raisi, tells Martin Rivers the Gulf carrier is stepping up its expansion plans, while reducing its reliance on sixth-freedom traffic.

in Defence / Features

UK boosts maritime presence with Wildcat

Posted 20 August 2018

Britain’s Royal Navy has deployed a pair of AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA.Mk 2 helicopters to Al Musanna air base in Oman, near Muscat. The move is part of the wider UK maritime presence in the region, known as Operation Kipon.

in Defence / Features

Mighty task for Hercules in Middle East

Posted 16 August 2018

Nearly 200 C-130 Hercules aircraft have been operated by Middle East air forces since the first was delivered to Iran in 1962. Alan Warnes reports.

in Defence / Features

Middle East UCAV capabilities building up

Posted 15 August 2018

David Oliver takes a look at the Middle East’s combat aerial vehicle capabilities.

in Air Transport / Features

Qatar's Italian job

Posted 14 August 2018

Qatar Airways’ now-finalised involvement in Meridiana – for many years Italy’s ‘second airline’ – will see the Italian airline adopt a new identity and potentially challenge beleaguered flag-carrier Alitalia. Alan Dron reports.

in Features

Osprey en route to safer flights

Posted 13 August 2018

A revolutionary, new aviation security risk-management solution was launched in Abu Dhabi late last year. Steve Knight talked to Andrew Nicholson, the man behind the system.

in Defence / Features

Turkey plots flightpath for development of TFX fighter

Posted 10 August 2018

Turkey is pushing ahead with its ambitious plans to develop and deploy an indigenous fifth-generation fighter, known as the TF-X or Milli Muharebe Uçağı (national combat aircraft).

in Air Transport / Features

Amadeus in tune with AACO

Posted 9 August 2018

Fifteen MENA region airlines have signed a 10-year framework agreement with global merchandising company, Amadeus, for innovative distribution services. Vincent Chappard and Anuradha Deenapanray report.

in Defence / Features

Saudi Arabia grows its Black Hawk fleet with $194m contract

Posted 27 July 2018

With about 80 aircraft delivered, the Sikorsky S-70 has become the backbone of Saudi Arabia’s rotary-wing fleet.

in Air Transport / Features

Qatar builds on the blockade

Posted 26 July 2018

When four Arab countries decided to close their airspaces to Qatari aircraft last year, it had a massive effect on Qatar Airways. Tom Pleasant found out more from Guillaume Halleux, the airline’s chief officer cargo.

in Features

Rivals take a giant step for security

Posted 25 July 2018

A major step forward in UAE airline security is in the works following an agreement between the country’s two largest carriers. Alan Dron reports.

in Features / Events

Connectivity's live wires

Posted 24 July 2018

This year’s Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME) event in Dubai highlighted the importance of in-flight connectivity and entertainment to airlines in the region. Steve Nichols reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

G Whizz

Posted 23 July 2018

An extraordinary experience awaits those private jet passengers who are buying or chartering Gulfstream’s latest masterpieces – the G500 and G600. Dave Calderwood reports.

in Defence / Features

Kuwait probes Airbus Helicopters deal

Posted 20 July 2018

Kuwait Prime Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, has ordered an investigation into the €1 billion ($1.19 billion) order signed by the air force for 30 H225M Caracal multirole military utility helicopters, 24 of them for the Kuwaiti

in Air Transport / Features

Loads of potential

Posted 18 July 2018

Tom Pleasant finds out why Dennis Lister, Emirates SkyCargo’s VP cargo commercial development, is optimistic about prospects for the future.

in Features / Events

Stand out seats

Posted 17 July 2018

Seating was one of the key focuses when Aircraft Interiors Middle East took place in Dubai in January.

in Business Aviation / Features

Flight Fan-tastic?

Posted 16 July 2018

The XTI Aircraft Company exhibited a one-third scale model of its planned TriFan 600 aircraft at the inaugural Kuwait Aviation Show in January 2018, as part of the company’s ambitious equity-based crowdsourced funding campaign. Jon Lake reports.

in Defence / Features

Boeing eyes up Middle East for tanker export

Posted 13 July 2018

As the combat aircraft inventories of Middle East nations continue to grow, air forces are increasingly seeking to back up their front-line units with support aircraft such as tankers. As Alan Dron reports, Boeing believes that its new

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Other News

Modernised Cobras give RJAF extra bite

Jordan is upgrading an initial batch of 12 of its Bell AH-1 Cobras for continued service, extending their useful lives by at least 20 years. Jon Lake reports.

AMP fuses the vision of growth and transformation

The airport modernisation programme (AMP) currently taking place at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is of such importance that it’s part of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s vision for the country. Dave Calderwood

Storm looming over mandatory upgrade

A perfect storm of mandatory upgrades and compliance is building on the business jet horizon – and a surprising number of owners and operators remain unaware or unconcerned by its implications.

Sikorsky's Seahawks on the crest of a Saudi wave

The Sikorsky S-70 is increasingly becoming the backbone of Saudi Arabia’s rotary-wing fleet and, as Jon Lake reports, a number of S-70 and UH-60 variants are now spread across several of the kingdom’s military and parapublic air arms.

Avico invests in a Tunisian training academy

Avico, one of Europe’s leading charter broker companies, recently took a significant stake in Safe Flight Academy (SFA), Tunisia’s leading training centre for civil aviation and pilots, writes Vincent Chappard.

Lockheed's blockbusters

Lockheed Martin has received a $1.12 billion contract from the US Government to produce 16 new advanced F-16 Block 70 fighters for the Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF). Jon Lake reports.

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