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The smart Phoon

Posted 9 April 2020

Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft for Kuwait and Qatar will incorporate an advanced active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar that is claimed to be the most advanced in the world. Jon Lake reports.

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Speed merchants

Posted 8 April 2020

Few scenarios are more time-sensitive than aircraft on the ground (AOG) situations, and it has given rise to ultra-fast delivery of spares. Chuck Grieve looks at how leading players meet the demand.

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New squadron is Rafale prize for Qatar

Posted 7 April 2020

The Qatar Emiri Air Force has now received three batches of Dassault Rafales, totalling 15 aircraft, and the first squadron is working up at the new Tamim Air Base at Dukhan in western Qatar. Jon Lake reports.

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Wings in full swing

Posted 6 April 2020

Saudi Arabia’s first aviation academy – Rabigh Wings – sees a bright future for aviation in the kingdom from both private to professional pilots, and is upgrading its fleet. Dave Calderwood found out more from general manager, Willem Marais.

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Jordan aims to balance books with aircraft sale

Posted 3 April 2020

Jordan is holding something of a super sale of military aircraft that are surplus to its current requirements. David Oliver reports.

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Pillar Hawk

Posted 31 March 2020

Locally-assembled BAE Hawks have become the first new Saudi-built fast jet aircraft to fly in home skies, marking a significant step forward for the kingdom’s aerospace industry. Jon Lake reports.

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Moroccan airports on course to hit new heights

Posted 26 March 2020

As part of its srategy to increase international and regional capacity, The Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA) has carried out major infrastructure projects, including the extension of Terminal 1 at Casablanca International Airport and

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Saudi refines security after drone attacks

Posted 25 March 2020

Saudi Arabia’s northern oil refinery in Abqaiq and the Khurais oil field were the subject of a dramatic drone attack on September 14. Alan Warnes reports.

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Why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 24 March 2020

As we face a wall of blanket travel bans, why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis, by By Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner plc.

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Gulf Air makes the French connection

Posted 23 March 2020

Gulf Air is increasingly looking towards France as it continues a modernisation process. Steve Nichols reports.

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Libya’s deadly game of drones

Posted 19 March 2020

The war in Libya has international backers on opposing sides supporting their own interests. In the first conflict where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are making up the bulk of the air operations, both sides have successfully attacked opposition aircraft.

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Talent supply chain the key to future sustainability

Posted 16 March 2020

Industry leaders converged on Morocco for the Middle East and North Africa Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) conference and show at Marrakech Menara Airport in late September. Vincent Chappard was there.

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Dawn of the Red Sky

Posted 13 March 2020

Major ideology differences with Iran, simmering tension with Turkey in Libya, ongoing war in Yemen, disagreements between Qatar and other GCC members, and the ongoing fight against terrorism, means tension is never far away in the MENA region. Now a new private consortium

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MAX impact

Posted 12 March 2020

Low-cost carrier, Flydubai, looks to the future as it operates against the backdrop of the grounding of the Boeing 737MAX. Alan Dron reports.

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Saudi Arabia presses ahead with A2G connectivity

Posted 11 March 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is expected to release more details about its air-to-ground (A2G) in-flight connectivity roll-out before the end of the year, following on from an initial pilot project that was announced in October 2018.

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Joramco maintains its drive into Europe

Posted 10 March 2020

Joramco is going places. Its transformation from a regional maintenance, repair and overhaul operation to a global player with world-class standards – a work in progress – shows what’s possible with the right vision, strategy and approach. Chief

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Partnership moves PSAA into a different class

Posted 9 March 2020

One of Saudi Arabia’s biggest aviation training establishments has taken a significant step forward in its development by becoming an IATA regional training partner. Alan Dron reports.

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Neom rises from the sands to tempt holidaymakers

Posted 6 March 2020

Saudi Arabia’s ‘vision 2030’ plan for the country’s future development is contributing to the growth of new airports, such as Neom Bay. Alan Dron reports.

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Check mates

Posted 5 March 2020

The international airports in the Middle East are some of the busiest in the world. They are also equipped with the most sophisticated navigation aids that have to remain operational 24/7 – but they also need to be totally accurate. David Oliver finds out more.

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Dubai's aerospace hub starts to make some noise

Posted 4 March 2020

A change of thinking on the future development of Dubai World Central, the intended world hub for aviation, has stepped up interest in the aviation district – now renamed the Mohammad bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. Dave Calderwood reports.

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Saudi light transport plans still in the dark

Posted 3 March 2020

The Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) plans for a new light transport aircraft are still very much up in the air. Jon Lake looks at the issues.

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Maroc climbing

Posted 2 March 2020

Abdelhamid Addou, Royal Air Maroc chairman and CEO, wants to accelerate the national airline’s development to turn it into a continental leader. Vincent Chappard reports.

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Teching a step forward

Posted 28 February 2020

A fast-growing Saudi aerospace company has teamed up with a German maintenance specialist to create a school for aviation technicians. Alan Dron reports.

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Hamad's smart way to become the airport of the future

Posted 27 February 2020

Doha’s Hamad International Airport is pressing ahead with initiatives to improve its services – including a project that transforms a passenger’s face into their identity card through the facility. Alan Dron reports.

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Airbus targets corporate jets neo boost in the region

Posted 24 February 2020

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) is looking for an upsurge in sales, especially the Middle East, as its new engine option (neo) aircraft – particularly the ACJ320neo family – start to enter into service. Dave Calderwood reports.

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Hercules still has the power

Posted 13 February 2020 · 1 Comment

Deserts, war and the vastness of many countries in the Middle East and north Africa, ensure there will always be a need for military tactical airlifters. Alan Warnes has been looking round the MENA region.

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Pilgrims are not the only way to progress

Posted 12 February 2020

Saudi Arabian carrier, Flynas, plans to tap into the country’s drive to attract more Moslem pilgrims and holidaymakers – as it prepares for a major expansion of its fleet. Alan Dron reports.

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Jordan’s first female helicopter pilot trains in USA

Posted 7 November 2019

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s first female rotary-wing aviator, Cadet Aya Basheer Ibrahim Al Sourany, recently underwent UH-60 Black Hawk virtual flight training at the Fort Indiantown Gap (FTIG) National Guard Training

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Disparate DANS

Posted 6 November 2019

With the world’s busiest international airport and, potentially, the world’s largest airport on your patch, plus possibly the world’s first autonomous air taxis in a liberal drone-friendly city, the challenges are clear for air navigation. Alan Peaford talks to Ibrahim Ahli,

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Sharjah ramps up emission control

Posted 5 November 2019

Sharjah International Airport (SIA) is taking a lead in the Middle East with steps to control air pollution on the ramp in a pilot study with ‘green’ mobile ground power units (GPUs). Chuck Grieve reports.

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A breath of fresh Airbus in the Middle East

Posted 4 November 2019

There's a new mood of confidence at Airbus Helicopters as the rotor market embraces new technologies and new opportunities. Dave Calderwood reports

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The battle to beat subconscious bias

Posted 1 November 2019

The sixth Women in Aviation General Assembly, which took place alongside the Airport Show in Dubai in May, was the biggest congress so far, including more than 750 attendees, 26 international speakers, 12 sponsor companies, and eight media partners.

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Captains fantastic

Posted 16 October 2019

With airlines growing around the world, pilots are in demand and the training industry is rapidly expanding to meet expectations. Dave Calderwood reviews the Middle East’s progress, including cockpit-ready first officers.

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Routes to beat the wildlife smugglers

Posted 10 October 2019

The illegal trade in wild animals and animal products amounts to around $23 billion a year, much of it operating around the air transport sector. Now, however, the fightback has started, as Anuradha Deenapanray reports.

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Qatar engineers lead the way with Rolls-Royce VR tool

Posted 9 October 2019

Qatar Airways engineers are using a ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) tool from Rolls-Royce for refresher training on the Trent XWB engine after the Gulf carrier became the global launch partner for the tool in April.

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Sarah sallies forth

Posted 7 October 2019

Sarah Airways specialises in VIP private transport and medical evacuation – a growing market in Morocco. Founder and CEO, Khalid Serghat, shared his vision for the company with Vincent Chappard.

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Fixed Wings

Posted 4 October 2019

After a few turbulent years, Wings of Lebanon is looking for new niches to complement its success in the leisure charter market. Martin Rivers talked to the airline's chief execitive, Naji Majdalani.

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Will Egypt and Algeria's Su-35s anger Trump

Posted 3 October 2019

Algeria and Egypt have ordered the Sukhoi Su-35S multi-role fighter (known to NATO by the reporting name ‘Flanker-E’), risking incurring the wrath of the USA. Jon Lake reports.

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Mardini turns up the gas...

Posted 2 October 2019

Adel Mardini isn’t content with launching a new brand of luxury fixed-base operations. He wants to lose the term FBO, expand into aircraft sales and maintenance, and even new tech, as he explained to Dave Calderwood.

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Jasmin on the scent of success with first E170

Posted 1 October 2019

There was much joy and relief on June 20 when the first E170 for Tunisian private airline, Jasmin Airways, landed at Enfidha Airport. CEO, Ali Ben Amara, told Anuradha Deenapanray, that the company’s philosophy is based on excellence in air

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Hello good bio

Posted 27 September 2019

Sustainable alternative jet fuel is no longer an initiative, it’s an essential. More than half the aircraft flying into this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) display were burning biofuel. Dave Calderwood was on one of them.

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SAAB eyes up UAE delivery within months

Posted 26 September 2019

Saab chief executive, Hakan Buskhe, has announced that the UAE is on track to receive its first GlobalEye swing-role surveillance system (SRSS) aircraft in April 2020, writes Jon Lake.

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The future starts here for OAG

Posted 25 September 2019

The Oman Aviation Group wants to make it clear that it is not a flying business. It is an economic catalyst and a major part of the country’s diversification programme. With a rebranding, and the launch of their new logo, the group is defining how the aviation

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Virtual answer for MRO training

Posted 24 September 2019

‘Enhanced’ reality has lived up to its advance billing as a disruptive technology to watch in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). One area where it is starting to make an impact is training, as Chuck Grieve discovers.

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A heavy case for tracking

Posted 23 September 2019

Analysis shows that tracking and technology are key to improved baggage delivery figures and greater customer satisfaction. Jill Stockbridge finds out more.

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AESA does it...or does it?

Posted 20 September 2019

Leading Arab air forces have been among the vanguard of air arms that have enthusiastically embraced active electronically scanned array (AESA or E-scan) radar technology for their next generation of fighters. Jon Lake takes a detailed look at the technology.

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UAS boldly going where no one has gone before

Posted 19 September 2019

UAS International Trip Support has been called the ‘emergency service’ for commercial and business aviation operators all over the world. Jay Ammar Husary, executive vice-president and one of the founding family, talks to Dave Calderwood.

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The Jaz era...

Posted 18 September 2019

Jazeera Airways’ re-equipment programme is allowing the airline to extend its reach beyond its traditional area of operations. Alan Dron reports.

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Hub that can give MRO data extra bite

Posted 17 September 2019

Control of the ‘big data’ generated by modern airliners is increasingly a sensitive issue in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry. Is how the data is used ultimately more important that who owns it? Chuck Grieve investigates.

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Turkey hot to trot

Posted 16 September 2019

Turkey came out fighting at this year’s biennial International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF), held in Istanbul from April 30 to May 3. Alan Warnes was there.

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MAEAM makes a B-line for regional electric market

Posted 12 September 2019

French start-up, Multi Access Electric Air Mobility (MAEAM), launched a new “disruptive” aircraft programme at EBACE.

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Ups and downs on the pyramid of growth

Posted 11 September 2019

EgyptAir is betting on a renewed period of growth and prosperity after a challenging few years. Martin Rivers and Alan Peaford talked to Ahmed Adel, the flag-carrier’s new chairman and chief executive.

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Morocco presses the accelerator

Posted 8 July 2019

Morocco’s industrial acceleration plan (PAI) has been supporting the development of training in the kingdom’s aeronautics industry for some years and this initiative appears now to be bearing fruit as the sector recorded 20% organic growth in 2017.

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Emirates gifts satellite to strengthen Arab expertise

Posted 2 July 2019

The Global Space Congress, the largest gathering of space industry leaders hosted by the Middle East and North Africa region, was held at the St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi from March 18-21. Steve Nichols reports.

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Skydiving Otters find a home in Qatar

Posted 1 July 2019

Qatar has taken delivery of a pair of Viking Air DHC-6 Series 400 (DHC-6-400) Twin Otter aircraft, writes Jon Lake.

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An Eagle eye on the QEAF’s fighter revolution

Posted 28 June 2019

A new version of Boeing’s F-15 Advanced Eagle – the F-15QA – lies at the heart of Qatar’s ongoing recapitalisation of its fighter force. Jon Lake reports.

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Iraqi aviation rising from the rubble

Posted 27 June 2019

After the defeat of Islamic State (IS), Iraq is once again looking to its aviation potential. Tom Westcott reports from Baghdad.

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Tunisia completes Black Hawk purchase

Posted 26 June 2019

The US Army’s Security Assistance Command (USASAC) has completed the delivery of a $338 million foreign military sales (FMS) package of eight Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and associated training and support to Tunisia, writes Jon Lake.

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Towering problem cut down to size

Posted 25 June 2019

A new training course in Kuwait aims to help provide local air traffic controllers with the skills to take up positions in the nation’s control towers. Alan Dron reports.

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Posted 21 June 2019

The US State Department has approved the sale of 10 Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters to Egypt. Meanwhile, Qatar’s first aircraft of the type were delivered on March 21. Jon Lake reports.

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Spatial delivery

Posted 20 June 2019

As airlines continue to receive deliveries of next-generation aircraft, Spatial is delivering training devices to match. Marcelle Nethersole reports.

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Finding the key to unlock airport potential

Posted 19 June 2019

For the first time in its 61-year history, Airports Council International (ACI) Africa themed an event around non-aeronautical revenues. It was during its regional conference & exhibition held from March 4-10 in Egypt. Anuradha Deenapanray

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T-50 Golden Eagles find new roost

Posted 18 June 2019

The third batch of six Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) T-50IQ lead-in fighter trainers have been delivered to Iraq, writes Jon Lake.

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Russian evolution for Alexcina launch

Posted 17 June 2019

A new airline aims to make its appearance in the Levant this year, with an aircraft not previously operated in the region. Alan Dron reports.

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How technology is making aviation safer

Posted 14 June 2019

Kevin Riordan, head of airports & checkpoint solutions at Smiths Detection, talks about the various technologies that will dominate airport security over the next decade and the impact they are likely to have on the overall customer experience.

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Egypt snaps up the ‘Nile Crocodile’

Posted 13 June 2019

Egypt has announced that the Kamov Ka-52 ‘Nile Crocodile’ helicopter has officially entered service with the Egyptian Air Force. Jon Lake reports.

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Region is set to pep up the jet set

Posted 12 June 2019

The Middle East is set to play a major part in aircraft buying worldwide over the next decade, according to a new market forecast.

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Flex appeal

Posted 11 June 2019

Increasing costs and complexity mean that it’s increasingly rare for new aircraft models to appear. It’s even rarer when the driving force behind a new model is a small Gulf carrier with just two aircraft in its fleet, as Alan Dron reports.

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Growing together...

Posted 10 June 2019

The MRO industry in the Middle East faces challenges if it is to keep pace with the burgeoning growth in the region’s aviation sector. The MRO Middle East summit and exhibition presented delegates with a range of solutions, as Chuck Grieve reports.

in Defence / Features

Extra sensor perception

Posted 7 June 2019

The Middle East is a key export region for British-Italian company Leonardo and, as Beth Stevenson reports, the company is targeting the market with ongoing developments in its airborne sensor division.

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Iridium makes the final $3 billion connection

Posted 5 June 2019

A near decade-long campaign to completely upgrade Iridium’s low-Earth orbiting satellite constellation has finally been completed. Steve Nichols highlights the changes it will bring.

in Air Transport / Features

New doors open as the Jeddah door closes

Posted 4 June 2019

Nesma Airlines boss Ashraf Lamloum tells Martin Rivers the company is adapting and finding new opportunities in its home markets of Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

in Features / Airports

I can see clearly now...

Posted 3 June 2019

Taxiing aircraft and ground vehicles can now be tracked in poor visibility at several Saudi Arabian airports following installation of a new system. Alan Dron reports.

in Maintenance / Features

Market offered a new lease of life

Posted 31 May 2019

The leasing market offers MRO providers new opportunities as well as challenges: whether they benefit will depend on a company’s flexibility, expertise and customer service. Sami Ben-Kraiem of MTU Maintenance explains all to Chuck Grieve.

in Technology / Features

Full stream ahead

Posted 30 May 2019

The two-day Connected Aircraft event, at the MOC Conference Centre in Munich, Germany was held recently as part of the aerospace technology week. Steve Nichols was there.

in Defence / Features

What's that buzz?

Posted 29 May 2019

As Kuwait gets ready to welcome new fighters to its fleet, Alan Warnes looks at the country’s modernisation programme.

in Business Aviation / Features

Why Dubai FBO expansion is so vital

Posted 28 May 2019

ExecuJet Middle East vice president, Mike Berry, analyses the charter market and looks forward to the next big development in Dubai.

in Air Transport / Features

Home-grown growth

Posted 24 May 2019

Saudi low-cost carrier, Flyadeal, is so busy coping with a flood of domestic traffic that it has had to postpone the start of international services, says its CEO. Alan Dron reports.

in Defence / Features

Adcom adds to Algerian force

Posted 23 May 2019

Footage shown on Algerian national TV and posted by the Algerian Ministry of Defence on its official Facebook page has revealed that two Emirati-developed unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are now in service with the Algerian Air Force. Jon Lake reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

The Royal Family

Posted 22 May 2019

A Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is parked discreetly at a quiet airport in Saudi Arabia. Its tail features a small UAE flag but, as Royal Jet CEO, Rob DiCastri, explains to Alan Peaford, that is a deliberate part of the company’s strategy.

in Air Transport / Features

Maltese ready to cross a new bridge

Posted 21 May 2019

Libyan-owned Medavia has a varied business model encompassing charter operations, wet-leasing, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services at its Malta hub. Now chief executive, Rammah Ettir, is looking to add scheduled flying to the mix.

in Maintenance / Features

Predicting a transformed future

Posted 20 May 2019

Maintenance planning software and other applications of the new technology are changing the face of MRO as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics make an impact. Chuck Grieve reports.

in Features

Going fishing... for a jet fuel breakthrough

Posted 17 May 2019

Plans to produce sustainable bio-fuel in Abu Dhabi for airliners are nearing the next stage in the road towards full-scale production.

in Features

Etihad's deck is full of aces

Posted 16 May 2019

With a global pilot shortage looming, Etihad is seizing the opportunity to help train the next generation of flightdeck crew.

in Training / Features

Why pilot retraining must be streamlined

Posted 15 May 2019

Times have changed from 40 years ago, when a pilot at a European flag-carrier had a ‘job for life’, the only question being exactly when, between the ages of 55 and 65, to retire.

in Defence / Features

Full stop or full steam ahead?

Posted 14 May 2019

Wildly contradictory reports surround the status of Algeria’s ambitious plans to build large numbers of AgustaWestland AW109s, AW139s and AW101s in a new factory at Ain Arnat in Setif province, currently home to the 9 Regiment d’Hélicopteres d’Entrainment.

in Aircraft Interiors / Features

The back-seat driver

Posted 10 May 2019

Inmarsat’s latest study shows that in-flight Wi-Fi remains a key driver in forming customer loyalty and satisfaction among airline passengers across the United Arab Emirates. Steve Nichols reports.

in Defence / Features

Iraq takes more armed Bell 407GT helicopters

Posted 9 May 2019

Iraq is to buy five armed Bell 407GT helicopters to offset the combat losses of seven of its armed Bell IA-407s in recent years, writes Jon Lake.

in Features / Airports

Algiers ambition opens a new gateway to Europe

Posted 8 May 2019

The Algerian airport services and infrastructure management company (SGIA) is finalising the new terminal project at Houari Boumediene International Airport in Algiers. Vincent Chappard and Anuradha Deenapanray report.

in Defence / Features

US ‘Little Birds’ flying to Lebanon

Posted 7 May 2019

Lebanon is to receive a new $120 million US military aid package, writes Jon Lake.

in Defence / Features

Guardian move for Emirati Apache force

Posted 3 May 2019

The UAE is to procure nine new-build Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardians, and will upgrade eight of its existing AH-64D aircraft to the same standard, together with related equipment, training, and support, writes Jon Lake.

in Training / Features

Navigating pilots to higher education

Posted 1 May 2019

The dedication and commitment in time and money required to qualify as a pilot or air traffic controller often militates against obtaining a rounded education. Now someone is trying to do something about it.

in Maintenance / Features

Independents day?

Posted 30 April 2019

Despite original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) angling for a larger share of the aftermarket, independent MROs are confident they have a bright future, as Chuck Grieve reports.

in Defence / Features

Egypt inducts armed Chinese drones

Posted 29 April 2019

The Egyptian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it has taken the Chinese-built Chengdu Wing Loong unmanned air vehicle (UAV) into air force service, writes Jon Lake.

in Maintenance / Features

Connected world keeps repair times in check

Posted 26 April 2019

Airbus has a vested interest in helping MROs and airlines manage their aircraft. Guillaume Mille explained the European airframer’s approach and goals to Chuck Grieve.

in Defence / Features

Anka-S hits the target

Posted 25 April 2019

Turkey’s Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is now operational with the Turkish Air Force in a revised form, according to a Twitter announcement by Ismail Demir, director of the Turkish Defence Industries Directorate (SSB).

in Air Transport / Features

Pichler flies the flag against the high threat of low-cost

Posted 24 April 2019

Royal Jordanian Airlines boss, Stefan Pichler, has prepared well for an influx of low-cost competition, as Martin Rivers reports

in Technology / Features

Muscat busy securing its future

Posted 23 April 2019

Muscat’s revitalised airport is coping with the pressures of steadily mounting passenger numbers with a new-generation security system. Alan Dron reports.

in Features / Airports

Could Al Ain be the UAE’s sleeping superstar?

Posted 18 April 2019

Al Ain International Airport is poised for growth – cargo is already expanding and the search is on for more passenger traffic, as Alan Dron discovered.

in Maintenance / Features

Why additive manufacturing could be addictive for MROs

Posted 17 April 2019

The potential applications in MRO are among the many attractive features of additive manufacturing (AM).


Alan Peaford talks to Prof. Tony Tzes

A discussion about drones and robotics at Abu Dhabi Airport and how contactless health screening at key touch points is also on its way.

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Other News

Partnership moves PSAA into a different class

One of Saudi Arabia’s biggest aviation training establishments has taken a significant step forward in its development by becoming an IATA regional training partner. Alan Dron reports.

Why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis

As we face a wall of blanket travel bans, why emergency flights must be allowed to go ahead to help combat the COVID-19 crisis, by By Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner plc.

The smart Phoon

Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft for Kuwait and Qatar will incorporate an advanced active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar that is claimed to be the most advanced in the world. Jon Lake reports.

Gulf Air makes the French connection

Gulf Air is increasingly looking towards France as it continues a modernisation process. Steve Nichols reports.

Teching a step forward

A fast-growing Saudi aerospace company has teamed up with a German maintenance specialist to create a school for aviation technicians. Alan Dron reports.

Libya’s deadly game of drones

The war in Libya has international backers on opposing sides supporting their own interests. In the first conflict where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are making up the bulk of the air operations, both sides have successfully attacked

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