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Dubai Airshow: Saab GlobalEye makes world debut

Posted 17 November 2019 · Add Comment

One of the stars of this yearís Dubai Airshow is undoubtedly the Saab GlobalEye.


The UAE has ordered three GlobalEyes as part of a $1.27 billion deal, with deliveries expected to be completed over the coming two years. 

A jubilant Lars Tossman, Saab’s head of radar solution said: “We are very proud to have the aircraft at the show. It’s fantastic we are able to show it off on what will soon be its home ground.”

With its unique sensor suite, the GlobalEye can monitor both the air, sea and land domain.  Saab claims its new S Band Erieye ER (extended range) airborne electronically scanned array (AESA) radar boasts a detection range of more than 300 nautical miles (550kms), while the Leonardo Seaspray 7500 maritime surveillance radar can track up to 300 targets, such as rib boats and jet-skis – ideal for monitoring the UAE’s very long coast line. Additionally, the FLIR Systems Star Safire electro-optical turret can zoom in on targets on the ground or at sea, when flying below 5,000ft.

Together, these three sensors can provide the five on-board sensor operators with a formidable tactical view of the area they are monitoring. 

The aircraft here is the third GlobalEye to fly. It arrived from Saab’s Linkoping facility on Thursday.

Since making its first flight on August 3, the jet has been used for systems verification,” said Tossman who added: “In parallel, we are training our customers’ pilots and operators on board.

“The programme is on track in all aspects. We are extremely pleased with the sensor performance and the results so far of on-board systems like the datalinks, sky communications and ground-based command and control.”

In May, Saab’s then CEO and president, Hakan Buskhe, said the first aircraft would be delivered in April. All Tossman would say is: “We are on schedule and delivery is according to plan.”



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