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Emirates tests new software for long term lifecycle maintenance

Posted 27 March 2017

Emirates Airline is in the final stages of testing a new software system that should control its operations for the next 50 years. Steve Knight found out more at the IFS World Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Company with a budding taste for success

Posted 24 March 2017

With more Middle East clients visiting the UK than ever before, On Air Dining is already taking over London as the number one 'culinary concierge service'. Now founder, Daniel Hulme, has set his sights on international expansion in the future.

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Operations from the ground up

Posted 23 March 2017

Keith Mwanalushi looks at the expansion of ground support operators and equipment in the Middle East region as the pressure mounts to remain competitive and maintain commercial viability.

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Stratajet heads for the Middle East

Posted 22 March 2017

A private jet online booking company is about to launch in the Middle East. But, before it does, the company's founder will be undertaking a unique recce. Dave Calderwood reports.

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Turkey in pilot crisis after failed coup attempt

Posted 21 March 2017

After a failed coup attempt and a series of subsequent purges, Turkey's air force has undergone a major reorganisation, with several units disbanded and large numbers of personnel arrested. As a result, the force now faces serious pilot

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Another boost for the MEA fleet

Posted 20 March 2017

Despite a brutal civil war raging just over 80km from its home base of Beirut, Lebanon's national airline continues to carve out a profitable path. Alan Dron reports.

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How has Etihad Airways 're-imagined' flying?

Posted 16 March 2017

Steve Nichols looks at the reasons behind Etihad Airways' most recent batch of industry awards

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Why business aviation must match commercial for safety

Posted 15 March 2017

Business aviation's safety record isn't bad but it needs to improve to match commercial air transport, and the Flight Safety Foundation is working to achieve that. FSF's Greg Marshall talks to Dave Calderwood.

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Winning in the B to C world

Posted 14 March 2017

Emirates Airline president Sir Tim Clark is a man rarely given to stating the obvious yet, as Barbara Saunders reports, he believed it opportune when addressing the recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) World Passenger Symposium in Dubai.

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Why it's ground log day for Lufthansa Technik

Posted 13 March 2017

Lufthansa Technik, one of the world's leading MRO organisations, has introduced yet another step in the inevitable advance towards digitisation. Geoff Thomas reports.

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The science behind food at 30,000ft

Posted 10 March 2017

In-flight cuisine is often seen as a key differentiator for selecting an airline or getting the best from a business aviation experience

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Bucking the trends – airport IT solutions

Posted 9 March 2017

Investment in emerging airport technologies will be key to managing growth and meeting changing passenger expectations. Keith Mwanalushi examines how IT will influence the traveller experience.

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Jetex going from strength to strength

Posted 8 March 2017

Jetex Flight Support CEO and president, Adel Mardini, says the company is looking forward to taking care of aircraft from its new FBO Terminal at Dubai South.

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Helicopter bonanza!

Posted 7 March 2017

It has been an impressive couple of months for Middle East air forces. The US Government approved deals with Qatar for 72 F-15QAs and also Kuwait for 40 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets in mid-November, but in early December came a bonanza of possible helicopter sales valued at more

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A man of detail looks at the big picture

Posted 6 March 2017

In little more than two decades since it began operations, Qatar Airways has become one of the most formidable airlines in the world. It regularly wins awards for its quality of service and its CEO has a reputation of being one of the toughest

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Airbus boosted by Kuwait Caracal order

Posted 6 February 2017

Kuwait has become the seventh customer for the Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracal, the much-improved military derivative of the AS 532A2 Cougar. Jon Lake reports.

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Turkey deal is big boost for Sikorsky

Posted 2 February 2017

Jon Lake looks at the Sikorsky S-70i helicopter as it continues to make inroads in the Middle East region.

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Flynas expanding routes as the pressure mounts

Posted 1 February 2017

Saudi Arabian carrier, Flynas, faces increasing competition in the kingdom as three new rivals take to the skies. Alan Dron reports.

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Abu Dhabi fully geared for growth

Posted 30 January 2017

Working towards a common goal is vital for airport operators and the national carrier. Keith Mwanalushi looks at how Abu Dhabi International Airport is preparing for the surge in passengers, especially from Etihad Airways.

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BAE Systems aiming for multi-billion dollar TAI-up

Posted 27 January 2017

BAE Systems is preparing for a special link-up with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). Alan Warnes reports.

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The only way is up for Middle East LCCs

Posted 26 January 2017

Over the past 20 years, low-cost carriers (LCCs) have become a major feature of the airline landscape in Europe, Asia and North America. They have certainly made an impact in the Middle East, but will they ever become as significant in those other

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Hurkus – as free as a bird!

Posted 25 January 2017

Just when you thought there were enough new military training aircraft in the world, with the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II, Super Tucano and Pilatus PC-21 dominating the market, there is now another, as Alan Warnes reports.

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The unmanned option…

Posted 24 January 2017

Unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly being seen as a military option in the Middle East. David Oliver looks at the rise of the technology.

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Rolls-Royce delivers a slice of history

Posted 23 January 2017

The first of Rolls-Royce's Trent 900 engines for Emirates Airline's latest tranche of A380 super-jumbo airliners, ordered in 2013, have now been delivered to Toulouse for installation by makers Airbus. Geoff Thomas reports.

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Just one small step…

Posted 19 January 2017

A group of UAE nationals are emerging as leaders in space, thanks to a programme developed by the UAE Space Agency, Mubadala, and Lockheed Martin. Marcelle Nethersole reports.

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Why Arabisation is still careering on

Posted 18 January 2017

Arabisation has been a buzzword in the aerospace industry for the past decade, as governments have aimed to develop the region's human capital. Barbara Saunders looks at the progress being made and asks if Arabisation is soaring or stalled?

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Training the sites on more pilots

Posted 17 January 2017

The race is on to train pilots for the Middle East's booming airline industry. Dave Calderwood checks out the situation, as another big player is about to enter the market.

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Making rain while the sun shines

Posted 16 January 2017

A Royal Jordanian Air Force Airbus Defence and Space C295 has been used in a new series of rain-making operations over the kingdom, writes Jon Lake.

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Set for blast-off in Abu Dhabi

Posted 12 January 2017

The two-day Global Space Congress (GSC) returns to Abu Dhabi from January 31-February 1 at the St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort. Steve Nichols looks forward to the event.

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Qatar backing new 'eye in the sky'

Posted 10 January 2017

Protecting oil and gas installations, as well as the many international events hosted by Qatar, are the main proposed roles for a purpose-designed aircraft now being developed in Germany. Alan Dron reports.

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Oman carrier riding to success on the winds of change

Posted 6 January 2017

A new Omani charter airline, Salalah Air, aims to open up the country to air tourism, the first step in creating a network of flights both domestically and throughout the region. Alan Dron reports.

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Islamic finance continues to gather pace

Posted 5 January 2017

Islamic finance is a part of the global financial services industry that is continuing to expand, both geographically and in terms of the industries and sectors that it services. As further expansion is anticipated, particularly in the aviation

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Strata moving to a whole new level

Posted 4 January 2017

Major contracts in recent months mark a further milestone in Al Ain-based Strata Manufacturing's journey towards becoming a major player in the world aerostructures market, as well as becoming an increasingly important employer in the UAE. Alan Dron

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How not to leave people fuming…

Posted 30 December 2016

Poisonous engine oil can cause plenty of invisible damage to the human body. Is there a solution? Liz Moscrop reports.

in Features / Airports

The model solution…

Posted 29 December 2016

Keith Mwanalushi speaks to Jeppesen's Tony Weatherington to explore the growing popularity for airport and airspace modelling systems and, in particular, their application in the Middle East region.

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Helicopter industry battling back

Posted 28 December 2016

Falling sales and tragic accidents have hit the helicopter industry hard but, as Dave Calderwood reports, it is fighting back with new products.

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GAMA set to unveil major Sharjah plans

Posted 23 December 2016

GAMA Aviation expects to announce details of a major investment at its Sharjah base when the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) show takes place in Dubai this December. Alan Dron reports.

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Military Global 6000s show operational promise

Posted 22 December 2016

Saab has expanded its range of airborne early warning and maritime patrol aircraft and now offers its Erieye and Swordfish mission systems integrated on Bombardier's Global 6000 business jet. As Jon Lake reports, these operational

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Gateway to a new future for Iraq

Posted 21 December 2016

Iraqi Government forces are steadily pushing back against Daesh insurgents with the extremists now holding around 15% of the country, roughly one-third of the territory they did two years ago. Behind the military headlines, reports Alan Dron, young air

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Live sports TV proving a hit with Middle Eastern carriers

Posted 20 December 2016

In the never-ending competition to differentiate their in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings, many Gulf carriers are now using live sports TV to entice their passengers, as Steve Nichols found out.

in General Aviation / Features

Aussie firm with a foxy new trainer

Posted 19 December 2016

A new breed of aircraft could be the ideal trainer for the Gulf's growing carriers. Liz Moscrop reports

in Business Aviation / Features

Why virtual is becoming a reality

Posted 16 December 2016

Manufacturers are increasingly looking to augmented reality to shave months off interiors completions. Liz Moscrop reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Backing the carrier gamble to pay off

Posted 15 December 2016

Taking on a failed airline's name – and its debts – may seem unlikely first steps when setting up your own carrier. The new owner of Dubai-based Eastern Skyjets explained why to Alan Dron.

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New role for Jordanian Skytrucks?

Posted 14 December 2016

On July 29, the US Department of Defense announced that the Sierra Nevada Corporation had been awarded what was referred to as an “undefinitized contract action” for the modification of a PZL Mielec M28 aircraft for the Royal Jordanian Air Force.

in Home / Air Transport / Features

The Big Three Gulf airlines are leveraging partnerships for growth and disruption

Posted 21 November 2016

The Middle East Three – or ME3, a common collective term for Qatar Airways ('Qatar'), Etihad Airways ('Etihad') and Emirates Airline ('Emirates') – are on a roll as Lufthansa Consulting's Guillaume

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Etihad Airways brings together chefs to compete in 'Taste the World' competition' final

Posted 7 November 2016

Etihad Airways, the global airline partner of 15 Taste Festivals across the world, is bringing world-class chefs to 'Taste of Abu Dhabi' to compete in the final 'Taste the World' competition,

in Defence / Features

Rocketing upwards…

Posted 4 November 2016

Jon Lake takes a look at Roketsan Missiles Industries, one of Turkey's top 500 industrial concerns.

in Air Transport / Features

Connecting the dots above Turkey

Posted 3 November 2016

Air traffic in Turkey is expected to grow significantly beyond 2020 necessitating the need for new air traffic management systems. Keith Mwanalushi looks at some possible solutions.

in Technology / Features

Honeywell flexes its muscles with aviation technology

Posted 2 November 2016

Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix, Arizona, recently threw open its doors to Arabian Aerospace technology editor Steve Nichols, who was invited to view the company's current and future technologies that aim to make flight safer and

in Air Transport / Features

Why this island should be mainstream

Posted 1 November 2016

Qeshm Air chief executive, Mahmoud Shekarabi, talks to Martin Rivers about his efforts to promote charter tourism to the Gulf island – until recently home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Climbing to the top of a lean, green market

Posted 28 October 2016

Paris-based Safety Line has developed OptiClimb, which offers a way of saving up to 10% of the fuel used during an aircraft's initial take-off climb. Steve Nichols looks at the implications.

in Air Transport / Features

Meraj on the up – despite sanctions

Posted 27 October 2016

Even with sanctions hanging over its head, Meraj Airlines is among the Iranian carriers plotting ambitious growth during the next five years. Martin Rivers reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

Trust in Turkey

Posted 26 October 2016

Despite its terrible challenges, Turkey is striving to build a strong business aviation community. Liz Moscrop reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Staying the course

Posted 25 October 2016

Turkish Airlines is sticking by its ambitious growth plans despite falling victim to a major terrorist attack in June. Martin Rivers talks to chief executive Temel Kotil.

in Features / Airports

Tech it for granted… airports are improving

Posted 24 October 2016

When air transport IT specialist SITA held its annual summit in Spain to showcase the latest trends in travel technologies, it was clear to see that airport operators in the Middle East are getting smarter at every step. Keith Mwanalushi reports

in Defence / Features

Turkey's Air Power

Posted 21 October 2016

JON LAKE looks at the make up of the Turkish Air Force, the largest and most important of the seven military and parapublic air arms in Turkey.

in Business Aviation / Features

Care in the air

Posted 20 October 2016

Superior medevac services have taken wing in the Middle East. Liz Moscrop rounds up what's on offer.

in Air Transport / Features

Kish finds its niche

Posted 19 October 2016

Though its economy is tiny compared to the Gulf's developed city-states, Kish Island has bold plans to become a regional hub for tourism and business. Martin Rivers assesses the prospects for local operator Kish Air.

in Features

EAG wins 'Aircraft Management Service Provider of the Year'

Posted 19 October 2016

Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group (EAG) was the winner of the 'Aircraft Management Service Provider of the Year' at the 10th annual Aviation Business Awards, held in Dubai, on October 12.

in Air Transport / Features

Pegasus riding into a brave, new future

Posted 18 October 2016

Mehmet Nane, CEO of Turkey's second-largest airline, gives Alan Dron the lowdown on re-fleeting, expansion plans and an aircraft manufacturer's indecent proposal.

in Maintenance / Features

JAC is a trump card for Jordan

Posted 17 October 2016

Jon Lake looks at the Jordan Aeronautical System Company (JAC), the Jordanian approved maintenance organisation (AMO) operating from Marka Airport, a joint civil/military airfield in Amman.

in Defence / Features

Mystery as Libya's 'new' aircraft fly in

Posted 14 October 2016

Have Egypt and Sudan been re-equipping the Libyan Air Force in violation of a UN Security Council arms embargo? Jon Lake investigates.

in Air Transport / Features

Why women now hold the key to the aviation sector

Posted 13 October 2016

Air Arabia first officer, Ghada Mohamed Al Rousi, issues a rallying cry to young women around the world, as concern mounts within the commercial aviation industry over a looming global pilot shortage.

in Features / Airports

Abu Dhabi means business

Posted 12 October 2016

Abu Dhabi International Airport achieved record traffic figures last year, further strengthening its position as a hub in the region. Keith Mwanalushi reports that successes also come with challenges.

in Defence / Features

Three-time training boost for Saudi pilots

Posted 11 October 2016

With deliveries of all three new trainer types ordered after a major revamp of its flying training system now under way, the Royal Saudi Air Force is entering a new era in which its student pilots will experience an advanced, all-digital cockpit

in Air Transport / Features

Nile Air shrugging off Egyptian woes

Posted 10 October 2016

Nile Air chief executive Ahmed Aly talks to Martin Rivers about another year of impressive growth for the Egyptian carrier.

in Features / Airports

Turkey's mega-hub starting to rise up

Posted 7 October 2016

Airports are complex organisations and Turkey is taking bold steps in building a new mega-hub. Keith Mwanalushi looks closer at the scale of the project.

in Business Aviation / Features

New deal as air ambulance centre goes from strength to strength

Posted 6 October 2016

Jon Lake looks at the progress of the Jordan Air Ambulance Centre (JAAC).

in Air Transport / Features

Meeting Iran Air's dealmaker

Posted 5 October 2016

Iran Air chairman Farhad Parvaresh sheds light on the flag-carrier's historic agreements with Airbus and Boeing. Martin Rivers reports.

in Features

BAE 146 hits 35th anniversary milestone

Posted 2 September 2016

On September 3rd 1981 the first BAe 146 regional jetliner took to the skies from the British Aerospace airfield at Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The aircraft – and its later-build successor, the Avro RJ – was destined to become Britain's most successful

in Business Aviation / Features

Part NCC and The operation of non-commercial complex aircraft in the EU Who is at risk?

Posted 25 August 2016

The deadline for compliance with Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 better known as Part NCC becomes valid today and applies to ALL complex aircraft operated in Europe whether EASA registered or

in Business Aviation / Features

West Africa emerging as business aviation market

Posted 27 June 2016

West Africa, particularly Nigeria, are emerging as business aviation growth markets as the region continues to develop industries based on its natural resources, according to the Middle East's only African-owned aviation company.

in Features

Missing MS804 adds to Egypt's woes as search goes on

Posted 19 May 2016

Egyptian aviation was dealt another blow by Thursday's disappearance of flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo

in Business Aviation / Features

GAS - WHITE PAPER: Failure to support business aviation could interrupt Middle East economic growth

Posted 8 May 2016

A white paper produced after the Global Aerospace Summit in Abu Dhabi, warns that a failure to adequately prioritise investment in business aviation could cost the Middle East

in Air Transport / Features / People

Boeing Bridges UAE entrepreneurs success route

Posted 4 April 2016

Boeing has invested US $225,000 in a three-year 'Start-Up Bridge Program' to aid budding UAE entrepreneurs. The aerospace giant has joined forces with INJAZ UAE, a non-profit member of the Junior Achievement Worldwide education

in Air Transport / Features

Dassault joins CleanSky

Posted 30 November 2015

Dassault Aviation has joined the CleanSky program sponsored by the European Commission, in order to aid the improvement of the environmental impact of future generations of aircraft.

in Business Aviation / Features

White paper profiles Middle Eastern private jet owner

Posted 23 November 2015

A new white paper from global wealth intelligence authority Wealth-X and the international business aviation consultancy reveals keen insights about ultra-high-net worth (UHNW) Middle Eastern private jet owners, reports

in Air Transport / Business & Finance / Features

Anatomy of a merger

Posted 10 November 2015

When Daallo Airlines called in Dubai-based consultancy Aerotask for a bit of business advice, neither side realised the job would culminate in the merger of the airline with local rival Jubba Airways fewer than six months later. Victoria Moores reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Fly like an Egyptian (with German efficiency)

Posted 26 October 2015

Alan Dron spoke to Ralf Nagel, who aims to blend German efficiency with Middle East hospitality as he switches FlyEgypt from a charter operator to a hybrid carrier.

in Air Transport / Features

Algerie and the Pacemakers

Posted 25 October 2015

Air Algerie is hoping to draw a line in the sand with the appointment of new chief executive Mohamed Bouderbala. Martin Rivers and Vincent Chappard look at the challenges facing Algeria's flag-carrier.

in Features / ATM & Regulatory

For GCC economy, ATC Global raises some key questions

Posted 5 October 2015

John Swift, Director, NATS Middle East looks at the key issues that will be raised at today's ATC Global event in Dubai.

in Features

Much more than a remote possibility…

Posted 1 September 2015

Remote towers are now operating elsewhere in the world, so how could the concept be applied to the Middle East? Alan Corner, who heads up the Dubai office for aviation consultancy Helios, gives his views.

in Features / Airports

Letting the train take the strain

Posted 31 August 2015

Airport railway and monorail systems can be very complex but, as Keith Mwanalushi finds, advanced mobility solutions for major facilities in the Middle East are increasingly important.

in Business Aviation / Features

Gulfstream streams seamlessly into the Gulf

Posted 30 August 2015

With a hefty order from Qatar Executive and strong interest in its new aircraft, Savannah-based Gulfstream is enjoying blue skies all the way in the Middle East. Liz Moscrop reports

in Defence / Features

Iomax delivers first production Archangel to the UAE

Posted 29 August 2015

Iomax delivered the first of 24 new Archangel aircraft to the UAE Air Force and Air Defence in June 2015. Jon Lake looks at the programme and the aircraft.

in Air Transport / Features

Saudi battle lines drawn

Posted 29 August 2015

As Saudi Arabia inches towards opening its domestic airline market to more competition, Alan Dron asks who will survive the battle for passengers?

in Air Transport / Features

Historic 'first' for Saudia

Posted 29 August 2015

Saudia is to become the first airline in the world to operate the new Airbus A330-300 Regional.

in Defence / Features

New Saudi-Ukrainian aircraft programme launched

Posted 28 August 2015

Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov has formally announced the launch of its new Antonov An-132 military freighter. The aircraft, which is a derivative of the existing An-32 Cline, will be produced jointly by Ukraine and Saudi Arabia for both

in Air Transport / Features

Interview: Oman Air CEO on why his airline is on the up

Posted 26 August 2015

In the deteriorating war of words between America and the Gulf countries over bilateral traffic rights, it is easy to forget that European capitals have long imposed ceilings on the number of flights that Emirates, Etihad and Qatar

in Features / People

Etihad aims to attract partner airline pilots to meet its growth targets

Posted 16 August 2015

Etihad Airways is offering pilots seconded from partner airlines the opportunity to transfer to permanent contracts as part of its strategy to maintain pilot numbers to meet the carrier's ambitious growth

in Features

Ex-Im's shutdown: are we on the edge of a new era in aircraft financing?

Posted 16 July 2015

With the U.S. Congress refusal to prolong the authorisation of the Export-Import Bank which has expired on 30th June, the U.S. aerospace giants and their foreign clients have lost major support in financing new

in Training / Features

Etihad steps up graduate training capability for Abu Dhabi's engineers of the future

Posted 29 June 2015 · 1 Comment

Etihad Technical is further investing in its expansive Graduate Engineering Programme, which was launched in 2010. After a multi-million-dollar investment in a dedicated Airbus classroom,

in Features

From sunrise to sunset: discreet VIP aviation during Ramadan

Posted 18 June 2015

Today, approx. 1.8 billion people on Earth are a part of the global Muslim community which spends in excess of USD140 billion on travel and tourism each year, according to a DinarStandard report. Seeking to tap into such an

in Features / ATM & Regulatory

Technology key to seamless Air Traffic Management in Middle East

Posted 3 May 2015

Civil aviation authorities in the Middle East are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies to grapple with the unprecedented air traffic growth that is threatening the pace of aircraft movements in the skies

in Features

America's Perceived Complicity with Iran in a Sectarian War: Policy Failure or Diplomatic Bungle?

Posted 19 March 2015

Riad Kahwaji, CEO, INEGMA analyses the changing mood to US position on Iran and the impact on the Gulf states.

in Features

Turkish foreign policy and the rise of a reluctant ally in NATO

Posted 16 March 2015

With the threat of Daesh (IS) on Turkey's southern border, Turkey's foreign policy is of critical importance to European security. Tarık Oğuzlu, Professor of International Relations at Antalya

in Features

Is Middle Eastern aviation ready to switch to in-house MRO support?

Posted 25 February 2015

Currently, the Middle Eastern commercial aviation MRO market is growing at a faster rate than the global average. According to ICF International, it is expected to account for up to 8% of the global civil aviation MRO

in General Aviation / Technology / Features / Events

UAE's pioneering in recognising drone benefits wins global recognition

Posted 30 January 2015

Some 39 contestants have qualified to the semi-finals stage at the National, International and Government UAE Drones for Good Award competitions and its prize money worth of $1 million for the international

in Flight Services & Support / Features / Airports

Dnata reports successful 2014

Posted 30 December 2014

Ground handling and aviation services company Dnata is reporting a successful 2014, having invested almost $150 million to broaden its interest in travel, cargo, ground handling and catering sectors.

in Features / Events / Airports

Middle East airport growth gives Dubai's Airport Show plans a boost

Posted 29 December 2014

The multi-billion dollar expansion of airports and airline fleets in the Middle East has set off immense growth prospects for the ground handling industry players with both airports and airlines operators keen on

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Other News

Another boost for the MEA fleet

Despite a brutal civil war raging just over 80km from its home base of Beirut, Lebanon's national airline continues to carve out a profitable path. Alan Dron reports.

A man of detail looks at the big picture

In little more than two decades since it began operations, Qatar Airways has become one of the most formidable airlines in the world. It regularly wins awards for its quality of service and its CEO has a reputation of being one of the

Company with a budding taste for success

With more Middle East clients visiting the UK than ever before, On Air Dining is already taking over London as the number one 'culinary concierge service'. Now founder, Daniel Hulme, has set his sights on international expansion in the

Turkey deal is big boost for Sikorsky

Jon Lake looks at the Sikorsky S-70i helicopter as it continues to make inroads in the Middle East region.

Abu Dhabi fully geared for growth

Working towards a common goal is vital for airport operators and the national carrier. Keith Mwanalushi looks at how Abu Dhabi International Airport is preparing for the surge in passengers, especially from Etihad Airways.

Why business aviation must match commercial for safety

Business aviation's safety record isn't bad but it needs to improve to match commercial air transport, and the Flight Safety Foundation is working to achieve that. FSF's Greg Marshall talks to Dave Calderwood.

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